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It really is wonderful to have you here.

I'm Caitlin - a fully-certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and health coach, mindful yoga teacher, natural movement educator, and wellness writer with a particular passion for nurturing women.







Perhaps you have landed here because you feel stressed, tired, or more anxious than you're used to. Or maybe more recently, you feel at odds with your hormones and body as you’re going through major life changes - pregnancy, a recent birth, a career move, loss, or very chaotic transitions in life.

Dealing with headaches, aches and pains, skin breakouts, digestive issues, and too many sleepless nights can be signs that they body is unable to juggle stress on its own. But, I promise you, with some gentle healing and small shifts, you’ll feel like yourself again.

I help women that are eager to feel more present, vibrant, and in tune with their bodies. I do this through integrative craniosacral sessions and coaching - with mentoring and meditation woven in. At the core of what I do is offer an unwavering focus on each client and the grander vision she holds for her health and life.  And by extension, her family.

I'm here to support your healing and growth with the same attentiveness that you give to your loved ones.

Caitlin, I feel honored to have met you, and want you to know how much I have grown and gained from my short time at the retreat. I feel so much more centered than I ever have, communicating with parts I have pushed away my entire life. That warm, laughing light I felt in my session with you has been my daily companion, and I have realized it is my true self. I am emotional as I write this to you, but I feel like that was the first time I’ve ever felt it and understood what it was- my true inner light. And you and that session guided me to it. I will be forever grateful for that.
— Selena, Participant from Northern California Retreat

The reason I want to work with women like you is because I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by imbalances and desperately seeking natural solutions and support.

Some of My Background and Approach

I bring a calming, down-to-earth sensibility:

1. I have an open-hearted and non-judgmental approach that gives permission for vulnerable topics and true feelings to be shared

2. Aside from almost 3 years worth of graduate studies in Chinese Medicine (special focus on women’s health), I also spent 2 years as the assistant director and coordinator for a personal retreat center near Napa where I enjoyed working with professional performers, athletes, dancers, filmmakers, and people from all walks of life looking for what we all are looking for… peace, health, and happiness. I have an intuitive edge that allows me to connect deeply with each client and meet them where they are so that real transformation can be made.

3. I’ve spent the past 2 years designing meditation and yoga wellness programs for integrative medicine centers, as well as leading group retreats and healing series for women.

4. I have studied prenatal yoga therapeutics and alignment exercises for post-natal care.

And then, of course, there is my own healing journey...

My Own Journey: From Being Bedridden in My Teens to LIving a Fulfilling Life

After a major illness at age 12, I lived with fibromyalgia symptoms that would not go away. Scoliosis didn’t help the situation, and this was worsened after I sustained a blow to my neck in a horseback riding accident.  Severe pain in my back and head became daily realities and vertigo quickly set in. For a year, I could often not sit up in bed because I feared blacking out. My teen years were complicated by hormonal havoc- ovarian cysts, migraines, poor appetite, and chronic fatigue. I started dreading leaving the house due to unrelenting nervous anxiety. Doctors prescribed heavy Cox-2 inhibitors for the joint pain (that made me too sick to stay on), and put me on the contraceptive pill. After 4 years, I felt toxic, emotional, and completely out of balance. Honestly, everything felt out of whack and I was scared.

In 2006, I left my high-pressure pursuit of documentary photography in San Francisco and dreamed of a profession that was focused on health, wellness, and natural living.

Shortly thereafter, I came across craniosacral therapy. I had never heard of it before, but knew that I had to try it. Things started shifting fast- even the draining hormonal imbalances. Life started to feel easier. It not only improved my pain and fatigue but also my emotional symptoms too. I felt calmer, more confident and less sensitive to negativity. I also found it easier to establish boundaries and let go of things from my life that no longer served me. I started intuiting which foods to eat and feeling less stressed about following any particular plan. It completely transformed my life. From that initial spark, I was off studying various forms of healing and mind-body medicine with a focus on women’s health.

Craniosacral therapy has been more than just a career for me; it’s the foundation for a holistic way of life. It can help you establish better body awareness, loving relationships, healthy boundaries, and a happier, healthier life.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— Carl Jung

When I'm Not In Session, there's a good chance you'll Find Me:

Dancing with my hula hoop, making botanical remedies, hanging out at the Santa Barbara Farmers' Market (especially the one on Tuesdays), barefoot tapping to the Magnetic Zeros, meditating, cuddling with my pup Ellie, and shopping for crystals and new body care to use in sessions. I really do love what I do.

I'm so glad you're here. 


To Muses, Magic, and Dreams...