Hello love,

My name is Caitlin. I am a biodynamic craniosacral therapist (we'll get to that mouthful later), natural lifestyle advisor, clarity-boostin' coach, and plant enthusiast.

I help women simplify their life, prioritize their wellbeing, enjoy their natural beauty, & live more consciously so that they can become their happiest, healthiest, wisest self.

If you were here with me, I’d hand you a cuppa tea and have you rest in my favorite plushy chair with my uber-soft crocheted afghan. 

It really is wonderful to have you here.

First things first:

Wild Radiant You is sanctuary for women that are ready to relax more into their eternal wisdom. The beauty of being. The peace of clarity. The joy of a nourished body. The “let-me-wiggle-my-toes-and-mess-my-hair-because-I-feel-so-good” kind of freedom. The kind of vibrant living that can only be described as YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. 

You deserve to feel empowered about your feminine health. 

Wild Radiant You offers body treatments, coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, and resources designed for those craving deep nourishment and a massive dose of mind-melting self-love.

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I’m Caitlin, the founder of Wild Radiant You, and I help women step into soul-nourishing lives they love.

I believe our feminine health is dependent on us living connected to nature & the deepest source of love, clarity, & complete comfort within ourselves.

I even work with new mommas and babies when they need a little boost or some extra support in finding comfort in their rapidly-changing bodies.

The truth is your presence is what matters most. So let’s shine some love on that!

Caitlin, I feel honored to have met you, and want you to know how much I have grown and gained from my short time at the retreat. I feel so much more centered than I ever have, communicating with parts I have pushed away my entire life. That warm, laughing light I felt in my session with you has been my daily companion, and I have realized it is my true self. I am emotional as I write this to you, but I feel like that was the first time I’ve ever felt it and understood what it was- my true inner light. And you and that session guided me to it. I will be forever grateful for that.
— Selena, participant from retreat in Northern California

I am blessed to call Santa Ynez, California home and be able to spend my days inspiring women all over the world to be sweeter with themselves as they recognize the ultimate fulfillment of knowing who they are at the core level. 

I believe that true health and happiness stem from deep listening and a loving relationship within. Yes, green juice helps, but silence and compassionate inquiry are so underrated in our highly stimulated world.

Stillness is the sweet spot-the potent medicine that brings love, clear awareness & inspired action.

Our natural capacity for self-healing fuels the burning passion I have for the work I do, not just because I get giddy seeing others realize this sense of wellbeing and self-recognition on the deepest of levels, but because I know first-hand how it feels to do the work, experience the shifts in perspective, and transform your relationship to life. Forever.

Tidbits from the Journey:

I've always been a free-spirited introvert. Despite being a goodie twoshoes as a young girl, I often got in trouble in P.E. for daydreaming. Apparently, I found the butterflies more enticing than kicking that soccer ball. After school, I would sing to flowers and horses and commune with my rabbits. I was weird to many. It's probably no surprise that I ended up being attracted to flower essences, herbalism, and gentle healing. Needless to say, I'm still a dreamer and avoid team sports. ;)

At 19, I went to Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland to study the Peace Process within the Anthropology Department. It's then that I realized Eckhart Tolle knew more about peace than any one of my professors could grasp on a mental level. Peace is an inside job. 

Whenever people find out about my studies, they often say, "Wow, but you're so young!" I won't bore with you my long list of certifications, but let's just say that if there was a Phd. in bodywork, energy medicine, nutritional therapy, meditation, and natural living, I'd have it by now. ;)

When I was in graduate school for Traditional Chinese Medicine, I spent hours alone preparing garden beds, growing kale, chard, and herbs and wishing that I could show people how cheap and easy it was to have the best-tasting organic food possible. 

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Wild Radiant You is a soulful space where your truth is not only encouraged, but celebrated.

An added side effect is they generally become just as smitten with plants and their superpowers as I am. Green goddesses, unite!