My Yoga (Teaching) Philosophy:

I find sanctuary in a room full of people breathing together.

My spiritual orientation rests in listening, staying open, and guiding you towards the greatest inspiration for life and your personal connection to God, Goddess, Spirit, Nature, the Mystery- whatever calls you home.

As often as I can remember, I stay with the moment so that I can stay open to what every person in the room is bringing as an offering.  We teach each other.  We ride the waves together.  It’s a journey.  Always.

And the longer I teach, the more I see that riding the waves one wave at a time is what keeps this joy ride interesting, playful, and well, joyful.

It’s painful to pretend to know too much, so I don’t.

I honor the sparkle and the grit.

I do my best to be the sparkle and let the grit find the love so that it can sparkle too.

I articulate the teachings in my uniquely quirky way.  I’m human, so sometimes, I do very poetic maneuvers like combining words.  Come to my 5:45 am class to see my greatest poetry made.

I like to crush our culture’s concept that health and wellness need be punitive, or that awakening be hard or far-off. 

Look for inspiration, and you’ve arrived.

xoxo, Caitlin