You are Holy and You are Free


Many people that end up as lovers of satsang and meditation (and the healing path) tend to find their way when the state of affairs are getting increasingly uncomfortable. Grasping, clutching, searching for anything that can make sense of what's happening....While at the same time, something seems lost in dropping the roles.

Life starts to feel like an itchy turtleneck on a hot day.

Most of us didn't choose the path. It chose us.

We didn't choose to feel this lost or confused, and sometimes, the only peace that can be found is while sitting in a quiet space or on the other end of a phone conversation with a friend that's been there.

So often, we end up feeling like the crazy one. Crazy for not wanting to go along with divisive, competitive, "tooting our own horn" talk. Crazy for wanting to drop everything and run for the hills naked, the itchy turtleneck stripped off long behind us.

It can feel like a devious choice, as rebellious as outsmarting the system.


The call to the bodhi tree can come at the most inopportune time as far as the mind is concerned (and family. and friends. and jobs). 

It can feel like you are losing your mind. And you are.

It can feel like it should be easier. And it should be.

Life was never meant to be this hard.

Outrage over the state of modern life is holy. Concern for yourself and your duties is holy. Desire to concern yourself with politics is holy. Desire to move beyond and around politicis is holy. Desire to live outside of the rules is holy. Desire to hold tight to the rules is holy.

Holy until one believes that this chaos actually prevents you from truly being free.

Each one of us is the bearer of the holy- making peace with what is.

Sitting under the bodhi tree DESPITE chaos, despite responsibility, despite financial issues, or maybe better yet, because of chaos, countless responsibilities, and financial requirements in life is your best choice of action.

And when we truly sit, all of this chaos, responsibility, confusion, financial burdens can rest in a much larger field of support.

Don't deny the bodhi tree.

Take heart, dear friend.

You are holy and you are free.

Turn your attention to that and you are the sanest person in the herd of humanity.


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