How Migraines Saved My Life

I believe that one of the gifts of any disharmony or agitation in the body – whether it’s pain, confusion, discomfort, anxiety or fatigue - is that it often forces us into taking a closer look.

Why is the body signaling me in this way?
Why aren’t things working like they should?
Why is pain so annoyingly present?

My “gift” early on was migraines. By the time that they surfaced, I had already been living with fibromyalgia symptoms for years. Constant joint pain and stiffness, tender tightness in my legs and shoulders, headaches, awful fatigue, weakness… the works.  For years, I was told (by several different practitioners and specialists) that I just needed to learn how to “manage” it. So that’s what I did. I managed life with the pain and the fatigue and the weakness. I expected it to be there, always the same, never different.

But when migraines became a weekly occurrence, something in me gave pause.

Nothing about these felt normal. The reality of blinding headaches every week was not going to work. As an art student, I was reliant on my vision and overwhelmed at the thought of missing so many days. I hated having to leave work and was embarrassed every time I had to tell my professor or boss that I had to leave or lay down immediately.

At the time, I was nineteen and already well into my yoga practice, taking classes almost daily. Yoga had opened my eyes and my experience to different paths to healing, but, when it came to my migraines, I had no idea what would help.

One night, at a restorative yoga class, I told the teacher about my migraines, and she told me about her work in craniosacral therapy and how it could be really good for me.

I booked a session on the spot.

At my first session, as she held my head, a zillion thoughts flooded through my mind, racing imagery, as the rest of my body relaxed. I saw colors, felt tingling, and lots of sensation in my head, neck, and back. I left feeling happier, more at peace and deeply inspired.

Later that night, I felt a flash of pain, so excruciating and sharp that I nearly passed out. An ovarian cyst had ruptured. But almost immediately afterward, I felt my body return to that same post-craniosacral therapy state of relaxation.

And after that? No more migraines. No more cysts.

It changed everything.

I started diving into healing modalities, seeing my craniosacral therapist regularly, beginning work with a naturopath. As I started to feel better and see clearly without the pain, I began learning more about nutrition, meditation, and, eventually, Chinese Medicine.

A year later, I realized that those migraines had been my gift. They brought me to where I was, committed to a healthier lifestyle and inspired to learn more about healing.

Looking back, I see how unbelievably unfortunate it was that I had to put up with all of the aches and pains of fibromyalgia. And I’m so grateful that my body used those horrendous migraines to let me know that I didn’t have to settle with symptoms.

My desire to cure those migraines shifted everything. And it brought me to a much more awake, alive, and peaceful existence.

I share all of this to say… don’t give up on your body just yet.

If you suddenly have a new discomfort, don’t get discouraged. Over the years, I’ve had so many clients that come in to address an acute situation, never realizing that there are other connected issues and that this current situation could be the highlighting sign of a larger pattern. Gluten-intolerance, sudden anxiety, family situations, chronic pain or difficult times: they begin a conversation within the body that has the potential to lead to true healing and transformation.

Whether or not my client mentions the other symptoms to me, their body reveals the full picture, and they’re floored and happy to report back how so much has changed through our work together. Something propels them to come seeking balance, and lo and behold, that is the gift - the gateway to our embodied-self becoming our daily-self.

As hard as it can be to believe, your current challenge may be the gift you’ve been waiting for.

Over to You

When you can, take a moment to sit with a notebook and pen.

Ask yourself:

1. What is often nagging me in the back of my mind?
2. What things do I just put up with because I don't think they can actually go away? Examples that I hear most often: Painful periods, painful sex, anxiety, restless sleep, dry skin, sore back, breakouts, headaches.
3. Now, imagine yourself in the future, glowing with gratitude.
What's changed? What's resolved? How do you feel in your body?

Write it down and keep this somewhere you'll see it everyday.

As for migraines...

I've successfully treated these in my practice. Sometimes, it takes a few months and with women in particular, a few menstrual cycles before they resolve. Other times, it takes just a few regular sessions and adjusting daily habits and nutrition to see results.

Truthfully, nurturing women is what I live for. And if I can help you deepen your relationship to your own body, bringing into balance your body, mind, and spirit, then I am one happy and grateful lady.

If you’d like to chat more or book a session, connect here.

And stay tuned for more tips and healing considerations for migraines. :)