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Heal and Reveal: Movement & Meditation Series

This is a healing series designed for women that are looking for more ways to deepen the peace in their lives and assist their bodies in transforming old and more recent pains.

Each 90 minute session will include therapeutic poses, soothing movement, breathing practices, meditation, light-touch bodywork, and inspirations for your own home practice.

Caitlin will map out a plan to address your most desired questions and concerns- everything from hormonal health to shoulder therapeutics and better sleep.

Mondays 10-11:30 am


Members receive discounts on all sessions.

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Nourish and Knit: Yin Yoga, Meditation, & Knitting
1:00 PM13:00

Nourish and Knit: Yin Yoga, Meditation, & Knitting

Open to a deeper level of flow.

This afternoon will focus on helping you to experience well-supported release in the layers of your connective tissue that often bind and restrict the smooth flow of energy and lymph.  Yin yoga prepares the body and mind for seated meditation where we can access greater levels of relaxation, healing, and ultimately, peace. Contemplative crafting, like knitting, is a fun, quieting practice that brings us more into the present moment as we create something soft and beautiful.

Whether you’re just curious to learn or a seasoned master knitter, you’ll love time spent learning and making this simple project. We’ll be using a unisex (men welcome too!) scarf pattern. Do you enjoy other handicrafts? Bring whatever project you want to work on (ie. scrapbook, crochet, needlepoint) and enjoy this time amongst friends and without interruption or other distractions.

Beneficial for all levels.

$50 early bird/$60

Sunday, April 13th

Treetop Yoga, Santa Maria, CA


A materials list will be given when you RSVP. Have questions? Call Caitlin @ 805.714.1843

Note: If you’re not looking to invest in materials just yet, Caitlin will provide yarn and needles so you can learn the basics of casting on, knit and purl, and the skills needed to learn the pattern!


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2:00 PM14:00

Clear Your Year: A Yoga, Meditation, & Dream Visioning Workshop

Start your year off with crystal clear intentions and a meditation practice you love.

Join us for a soothing flow practice and ample time to get quiet and declare your dreams for this new year.  Caitlin will offer guided meditation with writing prompts and inspiring ideas.

Beginners to meditation are welcome.

Please bring a journal with your yoga mat and water bottle.

Additional art supplies will be provided.

January 19th

2-5 pm


To register, visit Treetop Yoga online

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12:30 AM00:30

Free Workshop: Intro to Craniosacral Therapy

Get a better sense of your body’s relationship to stress and how you can support it in finding inner equilibrium.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch therapy that supports the release of stress and tension held within the tissues of the body, and promotes balance of the central nervous system. It’s a unique practice that must be experienced to be understood. Come explore what the cranial concept is and experience body-based meditation. Caitlin will share exercises that promote relaxation, balance, and perceptual shifts in how you understand and feel the body.

There will also be an opportunity for free taster sessions on the massage table to experience the work.

Can’t attend the workshop, but want to have a mini-session? You are welcome to RSVP for a taster session during one of the scheduled times below.


12:30-2 pm: Taster sessions by appt.

2-3 pm: Intro to CST Workshop

3:15-4:30 pm: Taster sessions by appt.

Those that attend the workshop will receive $10 off on a future session with Caitlin.

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