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Nourish and Knit: Yin Yoga, Meditation, & Knitting

Open to a deeper level of flow.

This afternoon will focus on helping you to experience well-supported release in the layers of your connective tissue that often bind and restrict the smooth flow of energy and lymph.  Yin yoga prepares the body and mind for seated meditation where we can access greater levels of relaxation, healing, and ultimately, peace. Contemplative crafting, like knitting, is a fun, quieting practice that brings us more into the present moment as we create something soft and beautiful.

Whether you’re just curious to learn or a seasoned master knitter, you’ll love time spent learning and making this simple project. We’ll be using a unisex (men welcome too!) scarf pattern. Do you enjoy other handicrafts? Bring whatever project you want to work on (ie. scrapbook, crochet, needlepoint) and enjoy this time amongst friends and without interruption or other distractions.

Beneficial for all levels.

$50 early bird/$60

Sunday, April 13th

Treetop Yoga, Santa Maria, CA


A materials list will be given when you RSVP. Have questions? Call Caitlin @ 805.714.1843

Note: If you’re not looking to invest in materials just yet, Caitlin will provide yarn and needles so you can learn the basics of casting on, knit and purl, and the skills needed to learn the pattern!