The demands of early motherhood – breastfeeding, sleepless nights, and simply adjusting to a new life – can be very taxing on the body, mind and emotions. It is important for you as a new mother to continue to be nurtured while so much of your energy is spent nurturing a new baby!  It really is beneficial for the whole family.

It’s easy to forget, easy to get overwhelmed, easy to prioritize your baby’s needs above your own. 

That’s why I work with the two of you together.

Whether there are visible signs of stress or not, you and your baby have shared the intense experience of birth. Restoring your body’s balance and your energy allows you to be fully present for your baby. The gentle and attentive care you give your baby is available to you in these sessions

Starting CranioSacral soon after giving birth helps you release both emotionally and physically and enhances your breastfeeding partnership. Your number one priorities — nursing, digestion and sleep — are all improved by the deep listening that comes in CranioSacral sessions. For both of you.

Enter this sanctuary for listening in the middle of your anxiety and new role as a mother.

Your body absorbs all the stresses you’ve experienced since the beginning of your life, and your unique history can impede your body’s ability to heal. In these sessions, you can re-discover your ability to self-soothe, and in turn, assist your baby learn how to self-soothe. In life, we establish patterns based on the earliest relationships, especially the one with mother. We can learn from a sense of safety and inner calm - or a sense of panic and incompleteness.

The good news is that no matter how old you are, no matter what your relationship with your mother, you can always access the calmness of mother love (a biological response). This, for me, is the crucial aspect of the craniosacral experience: rediscovering the peace within.


The mothers I’ve worked with have taught me everything I know about healthy mother-child relationships:

You are deeply connected to your child.

Whatever you feel in your body your baby will mirror and experience.

When you’re stressed, in a hurry, or anxious, you disconnect from your body.

Speaking your emotional truth to your child helps them process their own feelings — at any age.

When you slow down and reconnect with your center, you model self-soothing for your baby.

Body check-ins and napping every day will restore your balance.

Physical connection with your child is the universal language of love.


This 3 month Welcoming Mama and Baby package delivers:

12 90 minute home visits

During session, you will receive:

  • craniosacral treatment that assists in helping to process and integrate the birth experience, especially if it was more complicated, in a way that is physically and emotionally health, providing a space to re-connect with the body
  • structural realignment of the spine and pelvis and reconnecting with the muscles overworked or weakened during pregnancy
  • instruction on how best to help yourself recover strength and balance in your body with restorative therapeutic exercises
  • discussion on the proper use of body mechanics and techniques that address the new body discomforts associated with the carrying and care of a newborn infant.