How to help your baby

All babies cry, but when your baby cries so much nobody is getting any sleep, you’re not experiencing the joy you’ve been looking forward to — and neither is your baby.

Baby Craniosacral Therapy can help if your baby is having breastfeeding problems with latching on, gaining weight or sleeping. She may be expressing labor and birth trauma you’re not even aware of. There are steps you can take right now to help your family enjoy being in love. When your baby rests better, everyone in the family rests better.  I've often been told, "I think you just saved my marriage!" 

Treating your baby early with craniosacral can help him be healthier and more comfortable in his body. As you’re learning your baby’s signals, pay close attention to what makes him uncomfortable. If he hates being in a car seat or a stroller or a carrier, this may be a clue that his nervous system is compromised at his head and neck. When we work together, you’ll develop your own intuition and learn more about what your baby’s cries mean and what he is communicating.

Early treatment can also help with balance and coordination. The after effects of an ear infection can throw off the balance of your baby’s nervous system and interfere with coordination as she’s learning to walk. I can listen to her nervous system and help ease her into a healthful place. As her movement repertoire grows from stretching to rolling over to crawling and walking, craniosacral treatments can help set up healthful patterns that will continue to benefit your child as she grows and develops.

CranioSacral Helps Babies Feel Peaceful

  • Help your baby recover from colic and reflux
  • Improve nursing for weight gain
  • Naturally correct constipation
  • Help your baby be more comfortable following a challenging birth
  • Gentle treatment for digestive issues
  • Realign your baby’s head and body after a fall
  • Restore your baby’s head shape following birth
  • Treat torticollis to correct your baby’s head tilt
  • Reduce reflux