Your body holds wisdom, and by listening deeply, it can become your guide. 

These sessions are especially great if you:

  • are looking for a gently therapeutic experience with coaching and wellness care advice
  • are a yoga practitioner or highly sensitive person recovering from injury or looking to advance your own healing skills
  • have a frustrating chronic condition (specialists are perplexed or say, "that's just the way it is" or some version of "get used to it")
  • recently went through a devastating loss or traumatic event and it's consuming your mind (and energy)
  • have a decent amount of stress and tension causing you to feel discouraged, depleted, depressed, and disconnected from your body.

Create an unshakeable foundation in your body.

Reach a deeper awareness and learn how to strengthen your sense of wellbeing.

I work with women who are in a place of transition...
divorce  ♢ career change ♢ motherhood ♢ empty-nest ♢ modern life overwhelm ♢ unexpected diagnosis ♢ entrepreneurship ♢ grief ♢ 
chronic pain ♢ anxiety  ♢ career stress

A customized healing experience helps you...
+ feel calmer instantly
+ gain clarity on your situation
+ tune into your empathic abilities to understand what you truly need
+ feel more connected to yourself, your dreams, and creative options
+ discover new opportunities for health, wellness, fulfillment, and bliss
+ release energy and thoughts that are blocking your health, relationships, career, and finances

If you take medication for physical symptoms... 
But don't nurture the other layers of your wellness, you'll experience more fear and frustration on your healing journey than you need to.

Women have an inner strength and empathic nature... 
I'll help you create a clear connection with your body's natural constitution and healing rhythms to facilitate deep awareness, personal growth, and physical ease.

Recovering health

By mobilizing the subtle rhythmic motion in body areas where it has become stuck or depleted, craniosacral therapy can aid in the recovery from many illnesses and conditions.


Maintaining health

Like a good diet and regular exercise, routine cranial sessions (say every one to two months) will support wellbeing and help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

Enhancing health

When you're not feeling 100% or have odd symptoms, which no one can explain, a course of cranial treatment will frequently replenish your vitality, alleviate your symptoms, and help you cope with the stresses of daily life.

You can expect to walk away from this session with:

  • A deeper awareness about your body's patterns.
  • Increased clarity on how to communicate and connect better.
  • An increased sense of empowerment as you use your body as a guide to understand yourself better.
  • A fresh perspective on how to be your best in life and love.
  • A greater sense of comfort and confidence.

By listening to what is present in the body, we give voice to that place in you that needs your attention and care. 

With my guidance and support, you discover ways to attune to yourself and understand your body’s signals. 

This can help you feel more relaxed and alive in your body, confident in your voice, and authentic in relationships.

There are two ways to work with me:

We can work together in-person at my Solvang office or via Skype/phone.