Body Intelligence Biodynamic Craniosacral Training in Ojai, California

Join us, starting December 9th - 13th, 2015

The intention of this training is to provide a life transforming educational process that creates practitioners of excellence. The training is in-depth and comprehensive, and honours the classical roots of the work along with recent developments in the field. Emphasis is placed upon the development of perceptual and treatment skills that the student practitioner can integrate in a step-by-step process.


Living anatomy

In order to become aware of subtle motions and qualities in the body, it’s necessary to develop a high degree of sensitivity. To enable this, the course places emphasis on body awareness exercises and covers anatomy through self-experiencing. This opens up ways of becoming more body conscious and creates an ability to differentiate tissues and structures within your own body and ultimately in your clients.’ 

Course Curriculum Outline (for full details, visit here)

Seminar 1: Relational Touch

Explores the phenomena of touch, space, perception and tidal forms. Looks at the biodynamic concept in depth.

Seminar 2: The Midline

Explores the spine as a unit of function and natural fulcrum for the whole body’s health as well as a conductor for the primary energies of the bodymind system. Looks at how natural adjustments take place around this axis.

Seminar 3: Whole Body Dynamics

Explores the phenomenon of holism.

When the body communicates and moves as a whole, there is access to greater health. Looks at continuity of tissues, whole body patterns and shapes. Also looks at reciprocal motion through the body.

  • Connective tissue
  • Fascial web
  • Reciprocal motion in membranes
  • Horizontal and transverse structures
  • Whole body // whole field
  • Resolving whole body patterns
  • Trauma models
  • Hip and shoulder joints as key nodes in fascial web
  • Wide perceptual fields
  • Practice development: skills of assessment, diagnostic baselines, language for touch, recording treatments

Seminar 4: Craniopelvic Resonance

Explores primary respiration around cranial and pelvic bones. Looks at how the two poles of the midline mirror each other and create health when there is synchrony.

Seminar 5: Birth, ignition, and original health

Explores how we develop in utero and the prenatal conditions for health.

Seminar 6: Visceral Intelligence

Explores how organs feel and move – their embryological origins and primary health expressions. Looks at how treatment can change their physiology in a profound way.

Seminar 7: Neural Matrix

Explores the fluid/electrical phenomenon of the central nervous system right at the heart of us.  In particular how the brain feels and responds to light touch. Looks at how to relate to neural patterning to bring about smoother neural flow of dynamics.

Seminar 8: The Facial Complex

xplores the dynamics of the face and the special senses. Looks at how the face functions in relationship to the neurocranium, the whole body and a plethora of inter-relationships. Particularly looks at the pivotal relationship of the jaw and throat to the whole body and how it is the fulcrum for powerful physiological and pyschoemotional expressions and repressions.

Seminar 9: Cellular Intelligence

This workshop will look at how the body response is holistic in its very nature. The nervous system, endocrine system and immune systems are intricately linked and complementary, co-influencing our emotional and psychological states. Attachment theory and neuroscience will be examines as theories to help us understand what lies behind physical and emotional conditioning, along with practical ways to bring this knowledge into the treatment room and meet your client's system in a truly holistic way.

Seminar 10: Working with Mothers and Babies.

The beauty of this course is further deepened by being immersed in the stillness surrounding us at the Krishnamurti Retreat Center.


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