Wild Radiant You is about self-discovery and giving ourselves deep nourishment.  It's about radical self-love though inquiry and movement. It's about dancing with the rhythms of our essential nature.  It's about sisterhood and self-expression in community.

I believe that when you nurture yourself, miracles happen.

Less dismissing, more embracing. Less frustration, more celebration. Less complicated murkiness, more simplified presence. Less guilt, more glorious sensuality. Less fear and scarcity, more love and abundance. Less busyness and confusion, more confidence and communion.

When you honor your intuition, we get to live in a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world.

Inner knowing is the presence of LIFE and the true meaning of empowered. We cultivate this in our bodies through the Nourishment Process and Essential Balancing Sessions.

When you share your truth, others have permission to share theirs too.

Headaches, hormonal chaos, back-breaking hard-on-ourselves behavior, fatigue, frustration like-no-other, heartbreak beyond words, and the ultimate desire for peace- they have a place here. They are calling forth true healing and enduring personal shifts towards living your truth. Promise.

Presence is power. Our attention is our greatest gift to the world.

Every woman lives as a heroine. Yet, when we are frazzled, burnt out, overwhelmed, we end up feeling all too disconnected. What we tend to forget is that our presence is what matters most. Our self-nourishment is what allows us to continue being, blooming, and merging with the creative force, AND with a lot more ease and reverence for ourselves. 

What feminine freedom do you desire?

  • Being confident and trusting in yourself
  • Feeling at home, harmonious, and in sync with your body (hormones included)
  • Being fearless and in the flow.
  • Birthing your beautiful work into the world
  • Loving and living without holding back.
  • Having the clarity and energy to enjoy it all.

My calling. My joy.

I coach women with healing work and cultivate calm in community:

Live over the phone, in healing sessions, at workshops and soulful retreats.

I work with passionate, proactive beings: Women who want to continue to evolve, embody their true health, and live as the big-hearted beauty they are; Women who value quiet, creativity and community; Women who want to be love and light AND practical and present; who value fun, transformation, and “doing the work” altogether; visionaries and nurturers who want to give themselves space to nourish their bodies.

I am their stillness doula, freedom fighter, wellness creator, and clarity-focused mentor.  I help them love & let love…..

I create, I voice, I write, and I listen:

At events, on canvas, and in sessions; and definitely on-line and when invited.

I elaborate about what it means to live free, clear, and radiant within.  I invoke the silence and sanctuary for greater listening and contribution. I talk about the importance for women to choose the purest organic beauty remedies, the many facets of relating to our bodies, and how to create more of this true healing today and everyday. I talk about the need to investigate what is true, to live in this moment, since this moment called Now is all we have. I reflect.  We reflect. Together.

Today’s women are craving a more unified approach to bodily well-being and grounded, relevant mindfulness- a personal connection to stillness that permeates their everyday life. They understand the paradox of our varying roles and realize that self-relating needs to be ongoing and evolving and self-care needs to be pure and sustainable.

What do I want your experience to be? Calming. Blessed. Graceful. Holistic and expansive. Lightly detailed and practical. Nourishing beyond measure.


What’s next.

As a student of freedom, I will continue to befriend my own fears, learn from masters, and listen to how to better serve. I’ll create more experiences where women come together in service of our collective care, wisdom, and love for one another. I’ll continue to dance every day.

My invitation.

It’s easier to stay stuck, though not necessarily less painful.  It’s easier to deny ourselves nurturing… though not for long. The body has a way of speaking up. It’s easier to stay hiding. Or at least that's what fear will have you think. Again, not for long.  If you want a life of free, clear, radiance within, then you have to choose to take a breath and step.  Join me?