Private phone sessions are the best opportunity to focus deeply and profoundly on your own process when you're unable to visit my office.

Forget what you know about healing and coaching for a moment.

Because this isn't THAT.

I'm not a fiery task master or a psychic predicting every outcome.
I'm not going to kick your butt into change that goes against the grain of your personality or spiritual wiring.

I know my clients crave a gentle, yet powerful path to transformation.

They are sensitive souls who are whip-smart and motivated to live as their highest self - the best version of themselves. They feel called to align their inner potential with outer action, infusing every step of the journey with gorgeous authenticity. They love Super Soul Sunday, secretly (or not-so-secretly) stash inner wisdom cards, and look forward to finding new teas. They like the idea of meditating, of getting yoga in on a daily basis, but they're nurturers who often fuel others until the tank is empty. They have full lives they love, but feel a persistent urge to lighten and brighten and clear the path evermore.

In short, they're beautiful human beings who desire more. More clarity. More support. More pretty pens to scribble love notes with… more loving connection with their families, careers, and intuition. And more time for sacred self-care that feels as emotionally and spiritually restorative as a hot-stone Swedish massage.

When you are sensitive to the noise of the chaotic world, yet invested in living a full life, it can feel challenging to navigate hiccups and road bumps alone because in addition to having your own visions, you also have obligations, commitments, roles, and relationships to honor. Some of which feel in opposition to your sacred nudges. PLUS, it requires burning through life-long belief patterns, finding the insecurities pulling the strings at the level of subconscious, and strengthening new emotional muscles. Not easy stuff.

Did I mention my clients are amazing people? Because they are.

I'm an alchemist. A catalyst. A transformer. An illuminator.

I'm at my best when I'm listening intently and lovingly guiding my dreamies to their own inspiration, wisdom, and confidence.

As an energy guide, teacher, and healer, I help my clients discover the connection between their physical symptoms and their emotional, spiritual, and energetic alignment. This is everything because true healing is not one dimensional.

In a way, it's complex because there are so many layers to our human-ness. That's why you can take a pill and feel physically better for a short time, but if you're stuck in an emotional state that keeps your nervous system at war, you usually end up right back in your chronic discomfort once the medication wears off.

But in another way, healing is simple - and this is the part many people don't realize. We live in a culture that emphasizes a dramatic and complicated outside-in approach to health and wellness. To many people, healing only seems real if it is prescribed or applied externally - without any consideration to your body's unique health blueprint; or the energy of past traumas that might be trapped in your system.

A green smoothie. A medical prescription. A yoga class. It all can be helpful, but if your nervous system, your organs, your muscles, and your mind aren't relaxed and open to receive - your healing journey will feel more fearful and frustrating than it needs to be.

True healing. Deep healing. Radiant healing occurs when your whole body (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) releases into tranquility; an emotional environment where you no longer try to control, force, or manipulate the outcomes you desire. It's from here that you are able to allow the best possible experiences to unfold naturally - in ways that are exactly what you need, exactly when you need them. 

For many people, this kind of acceptance is difficult to cultivate on their own.

Why? Because while the mind is a beautiful tool, it's also stubborn.

The reason my clients experience such profound results like:

  • losing the excess weight they've been carrying around for years
  • ending the discomfort of blinding headaches
  • clearing up irritating skin disorders
  • releasing the anger, stress, and anxiety that have nourished toxic relationships
  • eliminating chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • sleeping deeply through the night after years of insomnia
  • accessing the clarity and courage to start a new business

is because in addition to being a licensed biodynamic craniosacral therapist, I am also highly sensitive. I've been able to read energy in people my whole life.

I can work with a person on my table or a thousand miles away (on the phone) and tap into the energy her body is emitting. I can sense it, feel it. My physical body reacts like a radar. I'll experience sensations like incredible warmth or nausea or a knot in my stomach. Where ever you need guidance, my body will nudge me and send my awareness there. Intuitively, I will guide you there as well and together we'll untangle what's going on - at a deeper level you may not be consciously aware of.

You'll leave your session feeling a sense of calm that perhaps you've never felt in your lifetime. You'll understand (because you experienced it first-hand) the incredible wisdom of your body - and finally feeling this connection will feel like a huge relief.

Because you'll have gotten a glimpse of yourself as a dynamic expression of expansive energy, you'll become open to thinking new thoughts and trying new ways of being. And all of this - over time - will lead to brand new experiences and opportunities for wellness.

Sustainable and blissful fulfillment - from the inside-out.

This sustainable evolution takes consistency and support.

For that reason, my sessions are affordable (see below).

I want you to think of them as down-to-earth self-care you can enjoy week after week, and month after month (if that is your choice).

It's an honor to be a mirror to your shiny strengths (because the sooner you step into them, the sooner you can summon your courage to make the adjustments your soul is craving, and the deepest insecurities (because if you don't look into them, you can't transmute them).

That moment, on a call, when I feel your energy unlock to let new light in?
When I sense your intensified inner-glow and excitement? 
THAT'S magic! 

It's not a sexy - my whole life has been changed in an hour - experience.
It's a subtle tweak in the kaleidoscope of your life because...

I don't believe in magic transformation pills.

A big AHA is an explosion of change that is actually the sum of millions of cracks in the shell of your awareness.

THAT'S what your sessions are. Opportunities to create cracks in your mind and expansion in your heart, so new perspectives and fresh energy can flow in at a pace that feels good for you and your life. Too much too soon would feel overwhelming and you wouldn't stick with it.

People hire me when it's time.

Self-help books and group courses plant ideas in our minds, but when it's time to spread your wings toward a brighter, lighter version of yourself (and you'll KNOW when it's time because the confusion of staying stuck will become reaaallly uncomfortable), then you're ready for private guidance to help you integrate the beauty of your life's lessons with a refreshed way of navigating challenge and opportunity.

I am completely in love with and devoted to my clients:

  • college students finding their way
  • therapists and changemakers forgetting what sleep and happiness feel like
  • yoga teachers who want to know their unique offerings and trust their voice
  • healers who want to transmute their own heartache to feel more powerful in their gifts
  • mothers with highly sensitive children who want to better understand how to help them
  • creatives who are overwhelmed by their ideas
  • busy women who want help untangling life's logistics
  • go-getters on the cusp of birthing a business
  • almost-preneurs who are looping in self-doubt
  • business powerhouses who want to love their career again
  • retired women who are ready to care for themselves and embrace a fresh chapter
  • women amidst the soul journey of divorce

I help them separate drama from truth so they can make solid, meaningful decisions about big things and little things in their lives. They bounce ideas off me, vent, explore what the really want, and take steps toward what they know is possible for themselves, with a supportive guide who is just an email or phone call away. Oh! And sometimes I send them little gifts and cards in the mail...just because.

Things clients have said at the end of sessions:

"I feel so much clearer."
"Where have you been all my life?"

''Nobody has ever said it that way before. That makes so much sense."
"What the hell would I do without you?"

"Thank you! You're my lifeline!"
"Everybody should know this wisdom!" 

Your investment:

4 sessions = $500
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks.
Sessions must be used within a one-month period.

6 sessions = $675
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks, then biweekly the following month.
Sessions must be used within a two-month period.

8 sessions = $800
We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks, then biweekly the following 2 months.
Sessions must be used within a three month period.

Things you should know:

Refunds are not given.
Money is energy. I am committed to investing my energy in you with all my heart. I promise to show up for each call with a completely open mind and clean energy field. Your highest possible good and most fulfilling personal alignment is my priority as we strengthen your connection with your wisest self. By entering into our guidance session relationship, you are mirroring that commitment by making a financial investment in yourself. 

Sessions can be rescheduled.
Because life happens:) A 24-hour notice is requested.

Your guidance journey has a timeframe.
Unused sessions within the timeframe of your package (see above) are forfeited because I intentionally work with just a handful of personal guidance clients at one time and typically have a wait list.

Your journey can continue after you complete a chapter.
When your package ends, you have the option to purchase another if you wish to continue along your personal development path.

Personal guidance services are not in any way a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal counsel, or medical advice. You are responsible for creating your own decisions and results. 

Clients' Love Letters

I was just lying in bed- couldn’t sleep - not for the normal reasons, but because I’m buzzing with so much happiness and good energy. I had a session with Caitlin Lyon today. That’s all I can think could have started this. I feel like I healed a part of me. I’m all connected, aligned now. Ready to take on the world. Caitlin has a magical way. If you are in need of a healing and let’s face it- who isn’t- make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you Caitlin!
— Lisa J. Jacobs, energy healer & coach / Orange, Connecticut
I have had the immense pleasure of experiencing several sessions with Caitlin and can highly recommend her for both her skills and intuitive nature. She has a very gifted touch as well as an innate sense of how to clear blockages and encourage positive energy flow ~ With Deep Gratitude.
— Lerin Ramsay / jewelry designer & artist / Santa Inez

Ladies, make sure you put Caitlin Lyon on your “MUST WORK WITH” list- she’s truly incredible. I came to her feeling emotionally heavy, not quite knowing exactly what I needed, and we dealt with whatever came up. Her intuition was *so* on point and she was incredibly gentle and genuine. She held the most amazing space for me as I worked through my stuff and left me feeling absolutely amazing! The shift in energy that I felt is indescribable. I seriously cannot recommend her enough. Caitlin- from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!
— April Julson / emotion based life coach

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