Cultivate calm and up-level your emotional health and happiness.
Invest in your wellbeing and know how to stay balanced for life.

If you're overwhelmed by how exhausted you feel and ready for something to change…
If you're desiring deep rest, rejuvenation, and flow in life…
If you're dealing with fatigue, fibromyalgia, horrific PMS, anxiety, digestive issues, or body aches and pain all too often…
If you're ready to change your relationship to stress and feel more connected to your deepest sense of wellbeing...

I hear you and I'm so glad you're here.

Pain problems, energy lows, and emotional difficulties are powerful tools that show us where to look for the root causes of deeper health challenges as women… underlying imbalances that can be fixed.

Your life is meant to be enjoyable and pleasurable through each season of life.

I'll show you how to connect to your healing rhythms and learn the skills needed to establish balanced lifestyle choices so you can reclaim your feminine vitality.

Here’s what one-on-one mentorship can do for you:

You’ll get the expert support you need to allow your body to heal and regenerate.

You'll learn how to truly nourish your body with customized self-care to support optimal emotional, digestive, structural, reproductive, and hormonal health.

You'll learn which foods and practices are great for your constitution and which ones are probably causing more harm than good.

You'll implement strategies to create lifestyle changes that make transforming your life easy, inspiring, and enjoyable.

Ultimately, you will learn how to personalize your daily routine and give your body the love and attention it deserves to create your optimum health and happiness.

Fertility is NOT just about making babies.
It's about celebrating our womanhood with health and wellbeing.

Instead of treating individual symptoms in isolation, I take a holistic approach that looks at the whole of your life while addressing the root causes of your conditions. I see your body, and in particular your endocrine system, as a complex thing that cannot be re-balanced piece by piece but instead must be looked at in it’s entirety. Through healing treatments, nutritional remedies, self-care practices, and simple lifestyle and mindset changes, my programs will not only restore your hormonal health, they'll enhance every facet of your life. You can finally celebrate your womanhood again!

If you haven't worked with me before, or are unsure about what a mentoring program experience would be, this 5-week introduction might be for you.

Discover Your Feminine Health :: A 5-week Series to Jump-Start Your Healing
Dive Deep and Listen to What Your Body is Wanting to Reveal

You're ready to slow down and discover how to shift your daily habits so you can truly feel calm, vibrant, and supported.

You're drawn to a practical, yet truly holistic and energetic approach to health and stress-relieving strategies.

In this 5-week series, you will be introduced to personalized self-care and concepts of creating more stillness and an abundance mindset to help you on your journey to becoming the calmest, healthiest, happiest version of you.

We'll delve into:

the basics of self-care and how to nourish your body in order to harmonize your current imbalances

your path to more energy, strength, and balance - emotionally, physically, mentally

your healing rhythms and unique energetic blueprint and how to connect to them more to self-heal

self-love, forgiveness, and becoming more resilient to stress, fear, and self-doubt

You'll receive:

Welcome Kit to see what's not working so you can get clear on how you want to feel and what needs to change

True Health Assessment + Supplement suggestions for your needs

5 60-minute Sessions (customized healing + coaching)

Recommended exercises, meditations, tools, and resources for your healing journey

Hands-on healing sessions in Santa Barbara or Solvang, CA

Not local? These are available via Skype and phone.

Holiday Special: $970
(or 2 payments of $550)

Normally $1500 or 2 payments of $825

Many times after a session, we inevitably have new questions or begin to sense things unraveling or shifting, and we're not sure how to make sense of it. This series is meant to ensure that you have the support and mentoring needed to integrate the changes in your body and life following each session. You'll be guided to shift your thinking around what's possible to establish a new foundation of self-care.

There are 4 spots left for December.
To book, apply here or sign up for a free consultation to see if this is right for you.

What my clients are saying:

"I can never explain how much Caitlin has helped me. I went through some very stressful situations this past year, along with migraine headaches, body aches, breathing issues, fibromyalgia and depression. Let me just say, without Caitlin I would still be suffering. My migraines are way better; I feel healthier and happier now. She is just amazing and I truly love her dearly. I hope you make an appointment today to see her- you too will be amazed. She is my lifesaver and lifeline, she is beautiful, soft spoken, loving, and an angel. I will continue to go to her for a long time. Probably a lifetime...I just feel great when I leave. She is a gracious, unassuming, non-judgmental woman. You will love her. Thank you for everything, my beautiful friend." -Stacey Foss, small business owner, Santa Ynez, CA

"Dear CaitlinI experienced such great support from you in reconnecting to my awareness and a felt sense of vibrant health in the session with you today. Thank you so much!  I feel an unwinding process continuing.  I will be sure to recommend you to others who reach out or seem to resonate with this work. This work is resonating with me in a way that nothing else has and I'm eager to follow the trail...  Meeting you is very affirming." - K. M., mother and doula, Gaviota, CA