I believe that essential health and happiness stem from deep listening and a loving relationship within.

Silence and compassionate inquiry are so underrated in our highly stimulated world.

Stillness is the sweet spot that brings love, clear awareness, & inspired action.

What a labor of love! Thank you so much. You are the sweetest, and now I feel that I can send my daughter off to college without being a complete wreck. So grateful.
— Jean G., Santa Barbara, CA

Nourish Your Body, Tap into Your Heart, Launch Your Dreams

You have the ability to completely transform your life.

This is safe, quiet space where you are seen, loved and cared for. This is sanctuary for your voice to be heard.

If you are experiencing physical symptoms or emotional stresses that are not going away, these sessions can be the start to dropping back into your natural state of wellbeing.

My job is to assist you in bringing your heart, mind, and body into deeper alignment. and help you learn how to live from this space of stillness to stay grounded, present, and more connected to your deepest inspiration.

The healing feels great to receive, and most people say they end up feeling “more like themselves.”

In this powerful 2 hour healing and coaching session, we will address your health, body frustrations, life stressors, and dreams for yourself. Light-touch craniosacral therapy will be combined with an intuitive blend of breath work, rhythmic rocking, acupressure, marma therapy, abdominal massage, and guided meditation to help you eliminate the accumulation of stress and tensions that are causing emotional and physical distress. Essential oils and flower essences will be blended and applied to your feet, chest, palms, and/or belly to help quiet your mind, improve circulation and digestion, and enhance detoxification. 

In turn, you'll feel like a new woman, balanced and refreshed with the clear confidence of your intuition.

From there, we'll then map out a plan.

You'll receive the simple tools needed to lead a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

Depending on your intentions for the session, you may leave with:

  • yoga poses and therapeutic exercises to help you continue to clear body pains and restore alignment
  • audio recordings of meditations and visualizations for greater internal balance and relaxation
  • detailed list of supportive remedies and resources
  • customized healing recipes
  • email coaching as needed in between sessions

Investment: $ 220

Why Work With Me?



As a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, I'm here to help you truly relax into life. 

I have received 700 hours + of training specific to this work, graduating from the Pacific School of Biodynamic Integration and the Shea Educational Trust.

Previous to that, I attended graduate school in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a special interest in gynecology and women's health.

I have a gift for helping you create more space and gently dissolve what no longer needs to be held in your body (aka tensions and traumas).

At this point, mind-body medicine has been my life for several years... I have studied massage, Reiki, energy medicine, acupressure, abdominal work, Thai massage, Ayurvedic bodywork, herbalism, essential oil therapeutics, and more.

Over the years, I've helped women dealing with anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, unhealthy boundaries, restless nights, PMS, low energy, back pain, losses like miscarriages, navigating stressful work situations and relationships. I'm constantly in awe of everything that we actually can handle, and how, with just a few tweaks and some gentle support, we can drastically shift for greater ease.

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Health Coach and spent many years studying Anusara and Yin Yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area. More recently, I've been studying biomechanics and how optimal structural alignment affects our endocrine, digestive, and emotional health. 

What can I say, I'm a perpetual learner(!), and in these sessions, you get everything I know. ;)


A real-life success story:

I still reflect on the incredible experience of unconditional love you gave to me during our session and the powerful insights that came forth. Do you remember? The awakening- I had to change my relationship with money ( the constant scramble left me unbalanced ) this caused me to be NOT present in the moment and as such I could not be emotionally and spiritually nourished through ( or by ) my relationships and personal encounters ( the cumulative effect ... self doubt, feelings of disconnect, anxiousness - my nerves were shot) this was having an increasingly negative impact on every aspect of my life - it’s very difficult to heal/rejuvenate when you cannot experience the joy and love exchange of the moment. The “message” came through so clearly during our session - as if it was softly spoken in my ear. The source of my undefined, emotional pain became crystal clear. What a tremendous gift you gave, I cannot thank you enough!!!

Through that catalyst I was able to let go of the driving forces behind the “scramble” and as I did, a calling to the East Coast materialized in an unexpected, and powerful way. Now I have the time and support to reinvent myself and move forward in a manner that preserves my integrity and supports my higher mission.
— Suzanne R., Florida

Questions and Concerns

I don't have a lot of time to come in right now. I feel overwhelmed as it is. What do you suggest?

I have arranged my lifestyle to help busy women the opportunity to come in during their most available times (i.e. weekends and evenings). 

Remember that scheduling this time for yourself sends a message to the universe (and everyone in your life) that you are making your wellbeing a priority. And after session, you will leave in a different state of mind that can only help and offer more clarity and energy for all of your other responsibilities. People often report that things that they were worried about or stressing about are no longer a concern or even necessary after coming in for a session. They literally drop off the "life plan."

I know there are times in life when it really is impossible to fit one more thing in. In those instances, I suggest listening to one of the meditations here, watching a short video of Eckhart Tolle, downloading Eckhart's books or audio series for your car, or immediately scheduling in a "time-out" for yourself on your calendar just like you would for a work meeting or a doctor's appointment. Even if it's just 15 minutes and one restorative yoga pose, do it. As I mentioned above, it sets a precedence in your life that you are carving out space for YOU.

I keep waiting for my financial situation to get better. I'm afraid to spend this kind of money when I'm not sure if it will help. Any suggestions?

I certainly know what that feels like!  Please read the section above first. Eckhart's tools are a great resource on a budget. Secondly, go with your gut. If you're dreaming about this session, I say do it. When life sends you strong indicators, go with it and know that the investment will be returned with abundance. If it's going to keep you up at night to spend the money, then wait, but ask the universe to send you the signal and support.

If you're a student, veteran, or dealing with great financial hardship, but know that this is something you really want, then please contact me and explain your situation.

Oh my gosh. I'd love to have a session, but I live so far away. Help!

Not to worry. :) Email me to learn how we can work together long distance. I can teach you body-based core-regulating practices alongside coaching that works just as well, and better in some cases. And bonus, you get to learn how to do much of this work for yourself.