The body has an almost limitless ability to heal itself. It just needs the right environment (and movement) to do so... And when we are able to tap into our own source of stillness, our whole state of being is given a chance to change the balance with our physical, mental and emotional states to one of more ease, strength, clarity and health.
— Caitlin

Many years ago, I was anxious, depleted, and depressed.

After a major illness at age 12, I lived with fibromyalgia symptoms that would not go away. Scoliosis compounded with a blow to my neck from a horseback riding accident caused severe pain in my back and head. Vertigo quickly set in. For a year, I could often not sit up in bed because I feared blacking out. Like many, I grew up eating the nutritionally deficient western diet and being clueless about how to actually take care of my body and eat the right foods.

My teen years were complicated by migraines, chronic pain and fatigue, and emotional highs and lows. Doctors prescribed heavy Cox-2 inhibitors for the joint pain (that made me too sick to stay on), and put me on the contraceptive pill. After 4 years, I felt toxic, emotional, and completely out of balance.

Sometimes, we need western medical attention. In my private practice, I work with lots of clients who are combining a conventional and complementary approach. But for me, at that time, it had failed.  I became consistent with yoga, researching healthy living, and making meditation a priority. Yet, there was still an underlying fatigue and overwhelming sense that I would never feel better.

As I explored deeper into what it would take for me to be truly healthy and happy, I found answers that transformed my life. I met a naturopathic doctor named Zoe Wells, and I was forever changed. I started using herbs, homeopathy, and Chinese Medicine... and this mysterious thing called craniosacral therapy.

Thank goodness for craniosacral therapy.

I had never heard of it before, but knew that I had to try it. Not only did it improve my pain and fatigue, but my emotional symptoms too. I felt calmer, more confident, and less sensitive to negativity. I also found it easier to establish boundaries and let go of things from my life that no longer served me.

I started intuiting which foods to eat and feeling less stressed about following any particular plan. I discovered the importance of plant-based whole foods, regular cleansing, awareness practices, developing nourishing relationships (including a support network of mentors, teachers, healers, family and friends), and the necessity of integrating traumatic life events, spending time in nature, and having creative outlets.

And without the stress of my body feeling out of balance, I had space for more creative and awakening pursuits.

I knew that I wanted to share this same clarity and sense of wholeness with others, and at the age of 22, I left Chinese Medicine school, and enrolled in a 2-year training for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Today, I'm pain free, feeling vibrant, and loving life.

Of course, occasional life challenges arise, but everything is so much calmer when you have support. I no longer suffer from migraines, fatigue, anxiety or depression. I have a dream practice that I love and enjoy living amidst the rolling hills of Santa Ynez Valley (that's north of Santa Barbara if you're not familiar).

Why I decided to specialize in women’s health, natural beauty care, and meditation.

I strongly believe that our feminine health is dependent on us living connected to nature and the deepest source of love, clarity, and complete comfort within ourselves. No woman should have to suffer through another migraine, painful period, or feel isolated during a difficult stage in life.

I want to work with women like you because I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by imbalances and desperately seeking natural solutions and support. Nothing brings me greater fulfillment than helping women realize their feminine power and feel totally at home in their body.

 You can live the life you love, too.

If you are struggling with your health or if you’re realizing that your lifestyle is not nourishing you on all levels, I want you to know that change is possible. Whatever challenges you are experiencing right now, I can assure you, they will pass. If you’d like support in meeting those challenges and starting shifts now, then connect with me and I'll apply all that I have gathered to help you on your path. And if I can't provide what I think you will need I will try to help you find it. Many of my clients return regularly for maintenance treatments and consultations after an initial health problem or life crisis. I believe much of the power in what I do relies on this consistency and relationship that is cultivated over time.

I want to help you live a deeply nourished life, expand your happiness, and experience your deepest sense of fulfillment.

Let’s stay connected.

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To your health and wholeness,


When I'm Not In Session, there's a good chance you'll Find Me:

Dancing with my hula hoop, making botanical remedies, hanging out at the Santa Barbara Farmers' Market (especially the one on Tuesdays), barefoot tapping to the Magnetic Zeros, meditating, cuddling with my pup Ellie, and shopping for crystals and new body care to use in sessions. I really do love what I do.

I'm so glad you're here. 

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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— Carl Jung



To Muses, Magic, and Dreams...