When you experience a major life event, your body experiences it too.

Pain and trauma can affect how you feel and move in your body, as well as your sense of self - everything from a generalized sense of feeling "off" to greater, more specific areas of discomfort, tension, and agitation.

Over time, these stresses and trauma can accumulate, taking a toll on your health, and especially when the expectations of life push you to just "get a move on," hurry up and get over it or get “better” already.

Through my work, I’ve helped clients recover after surgery, cancer treatment, traumatic experiences, and significantly stressful life events.

So, what happens to your body when trauma occurs?

When your nervous system is impacted by an acute event such as an accident or shock, or by chronic, repeated stress, your body goes into survival mode. 

My colleague, Karishma Kripilani, breaks it down wonderfully like this:

>> fight (inflammation, anger, pain)

>> flight (anxiety, panic, stress)

>> freeze (disconnection, spacing out, overwhelm)

>> fawn/appease (submit, smile, ‘tend-and-befriend’)

In order to experience a different relationship with life, the people we are close to, and ourselves, we have to include our physical body in the healing process. 

The reality is, for many of us, talk therapy is not enough. 

Numerous experts in the field of neurobiology and neurophysiology have confirmed this.

Learning to listen to your body is brave, powerful, and healing.

In biodynamic craniosacral sessions, I create a safe and gentle process that allows your body to connect with its capacity to heal. We’ll listen to your body’s story, get to the source of physical and emotional symptoms, and reconnect you with rest.

If you are tired of feeling stressed or depressed, or are unable to feel excited about life and want to better understand your body’s messages, I’d love to support you.

I offer a gentle, integrative approach for resolving patterns of trauma and supporting your whole being to come back into harmony with your underlying health and body wisdom.

This fosters resilience, your capacity to respond to stressful life events without going into overwhelm, and staying in more loving connection with yourself and your loved ones.

These sessions can be helpful for integrating issues such as:

  • Chronic stress

  • Concussions

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Emotional and early childhood trauma

  • Medical trauma and surgeries

  • Sexual trauma

  • Car accidents

  • Grief & loss

  • Prenatal & birth trauma

  • Natural disasters


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