Introductory Package

Regardless of where you find yourself on your path, this introductory package is designed for you if you are new to craniosacral work or new to working with me & ready to feel deeply supported in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This is about breakthroughs in your health and radical self-compassion along the way.

This series can help:

  • improve sleep
  • support body awareness
  • balance emotions and hormonal issues
  • treat skin and digestive issues naturally
  • alleviate headaches and pains from injury
  • release tension patterns and stored trauma
  • counteract fatigue and stress
  • boost clarity and compassion


  • Free initial consultation over the phone or via email to determine where to best focus our time together
  • Five craniosacral therapy sessions lasting 60-75 minutes to be used within 8 weeks of first session.
  • A grounding and calming meditation at the beginning of each session
  • A few minutes of quiet time at the end of each session for you to integrate the work
  • Relative recommended reading, videos and self-care tips for use between sessions
  • One email check-in with me each week in between sessions
  • Appointment reminders before each session


  • one half-dome for home exercises to use in between sessions
  • one free copy of my favorite craniosacral book selected for you

In session, you will learn:

  • ways of grounding to restore your mind and body
  • dream designing and how it's way more fun, insightful, and inspiring than goal planning
  • how to understand more of your unique body map and be able to apply it to the right foods and daily habits
  • the best herbs and spices for you and seasonal ways of eating and cooking
  • yoga and breathing exercises that are customized for you to do in between sessions
  • my "pearls of wisdom" when it comes to daily self-care routines

Tools for learning:

  • how to deal with overwhelm
  • how to balance blood sugar and avoid highs and lows
  • how to stay in touch with what's needed in the moment versus sabotaging yourself
  • how to listen more to your heart instead of the chatter of your mind
  • how to voice your needs and avoid dealing with reactivity
  • how to use natural beauty treatments (non-toxic and affordable options) that don't cause hormonal havoc
  • how to make simple, nourishing meals

Your investment: $595

Payment Plan: $297/month x 2