I’ve spent the past decade on courses related to women's wellbeing:

I hold multiple certifications, have a couple degrees, have gone on a slew of study days, and continue to learn.

The following is just some of my training:

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Soyoung Le, Orcutt, CA, 2003

Reiki Certification, Levels 1 and 2, Arroyo Grande, CA, 2006

Yoga Teacher Training with Erich Schiffman, Exhale Center, Venice, CA, 2008

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Powers, Santa Barbara Yoga Center, 2008

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, Santa Barbara Yoga Center, 2008

Thai Massage Therapy Certification, Level 1, Miranda Wharburton, 2009

Graduate Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine+Herbology+Naturopathic Dietetics, Five Branches University, Santa Cruz, 2008-2011

Essential Oils Therapeutics Training and Retreat with David Crow, Floracopeia, 2010

Aromatic Alchemy Training with David Crow, Floracopeia, 2010

Massage Therapy Certification, 100 Hours, Harbin School of Massage, 2012

Anusara Yoga Immersion, 100 Hours, Shakti Yoga Shala, 20011

Anusara Yoga Teacher Training, 100 Hours, Shakti Yoga Shala, 2012

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Certification, The Pacific School of Biodynamic Integration, 700 hours, 2012

Holistic Health Coach Certification, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2012

Massage Therapy Certification, 250 Hours, Santa Barbara Bodyworks, 2013

Ongoing teaching/mentoring with Tony Giuliano and Kenny Graham

Various natural, Ayurvedic, and herbal wellness-based body care, body treatment training, and cooking intensives with herbalists, Chinese Medicine doctors, and Naturopathic Doctors

What do I feel is more important?

  • I have heavily invested in my own growth and development, read many books, attended workshops, retreats, women’s groups, silent meditation and satsang gatherings, talked with and been treated by a plethora of health practitioners in a variety of ways. I have a solid sense of what modalities will work best for each client that comes to me and openly refer as I see fit.
  • I have more hours of training in craniosacral therapy than most in this state.
  • I’ve heard countless women’s stories; how they experience their menstrual cycle, how they conceived with ease or with difficulty, what frustrates them in life, what works in treatment, how they experience menopause, and also what makes them so incredibly resilient in my eyes.
  • I've studied and sat with some of the best yoga and wisdom teachers around: Kenny Graham, Samantha Shakti Brown, Tony Giuliano, Sianna Sherman, Elena Brower, Sarah Powers, Cheri Clampett, Erich Schiffman, Mukti, Pamela Wilson, Krishna Das, Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes, and more
  • I’ve led and assisted numerous retreats. I’ve helped women navigate difficult experiences, loss and grief, miscarriages, and strong emotions, and in the end, return to feeling whole and complete, and completely at peace in life.
  • When I was 16, I met my first yoga client, a women with Down Syndrome. We shared stories and jokes, sat together and created paintings, in between sessions of yoga. She taught me the power of patience and gentleness.
  • I have known extreme menstrual pain: I have passed out from the pain and been on the verge of calling an ambulance. I get how pain affects our ability to live and continue to use a multi-faceted treatment approach to heal.
  • I’m not a dynamic speaker but I do make for a talented listener. This is an aspect of my work (and personal life) which I continually receive grateful feedback about.
  • I spent almost 3 years in Chinese Medicine school, where acupuncture, herbs and massage are featured alongside truly caring medicine. My confidence in understanding the body's patterns and needs comes from this training.
  • I’ve spent several years exploring meditation and self-realization, discovering my own sense of self-awareness and respect. From time to time I hear horror stories from my patients (and I've been there) about how they used to see a practitioner who talked about their own issues during their sessions. I don’t; it’s your time, not mine.
  • I’m a natural teacher and I love finding simple ways to explain things. I'm currently an assistant tutor for Biodynamic Craniosacral Trainings and guest lecture at yoga teacher trainings throughout California.
  • I started tracking my biological menstrual cycle when I was nineteen years old, and deepened this practice into an emotional and spiritual one a few years ago. I continue to explore myself in this way and know how powerful this inner knowledge is.
  • I’m a collector of books and women’s stories, I’m rather obsessed when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  • I continue to learn from wise women (and men), be they mentors, clients, friends or strangers.