Bodywork for the Whole Person

When you are struggling with your health, dealing with pain, grieving, or exhausted from chronic stress,
it can be difficult to know where to begin to start feeling better.

You've maybe been to different specialists, tried many treatments, or are doing your best to heal on your own and without more medications.  You've most likely landed here because you're looking for an alternative or complement to conventional medical care for you and your family. 

It’s easy to feel exhausted, frustrated, disconnected, and scared when your body’s responses don’t make sense. 

If you are:

  • Stressed, feeling scattered, or easily overwhelmed

  • Coping with chronic fatigue, mysterious health challenges or emotional imbalances

  • Recovering from an injury or surgery

  • Tired of illness or trauma affecting you or stopping you from working or enjoying life

  • Continually getting sick, or always feel like you're recovering from something

  • Feeling "disconnected" from your body... or STUCK in life

Take heart.

I’ve helped hundreds of women, mothers, children, and newborns reconnect to their bodies and heal their discomforts - including anxiety, pain, and fatigue - faster than expected and with little to no side effects.

Even if you feel confused by your body's reactions, you can learn to listen, release the restrictions preventing your body from restoring itself, and better understand your body’s messages.

If you're ready to have a safe space where you can rest, be heard, and supported in your healing, please get in touch.


About Caitlin

Caitlin Lyon is a licensed bodywork therapist (LMP #49494) and fully-certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist specializing in women's health and newborn care.

She brings a background in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic bodywork as well as advanced training in trauma healing, working with newborns, and fibromyalgia/CFS/ME to bridge the gap between ancient healing traditions and modern mind-body understanding in reclaiming our health and peace of mind.

She established her private practice in Santa Barbara County in 2013, and since that time has helped hundreds of people experience more energy, less stress, and a greater sense of joy, presence, and balance in life.

What Clients are Saying

Working with Caitlin is calm, positive, activating. Before my session, I was in a very busy time, traveling California, coming from London. My head was in a lot of pain and was getting in the way of me enjoying my trip. Caitlin was so lovely and kind, and throughout the session, I felt calmness and at ease, which was amazing as I had been very stressed beforehand!! I went into a meditation-like state and came out of it feeling instantly lighter. Over the next few days, my head cleared up and continued to be pain free for the rest of my holiday! I think the best part was being able to receive healing that I felt work continuously after the treatment, but also to feel a complete blissful calmness during the treatment as well. I can't thank her enough!

- Ella H. | London

Since we’ve started working together, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in my stress levels and have seen improvement dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and shoulder pain. I can say that my quality of life has improved in the last 6 months and with very quick results. Since beginning sessions, my biggest improvement has definitely been my mental state. I have greater focus with my stress levels slowly decreasing. What I love best about working with Caitlin is she’s a great listener, and has a relaxing, calming way about her.
— Ken R., radiology technician, Santa Maria, CA
I can’t believe that after just a few sessions, my neck pain, PMS, and cycles are SO much better. My cravings are barely ever there now. I’m going to miss floating on the table, but I’m excited to feel so much calmer. My sessions were heavenly. Thank you from the top of my head down to my toes. Literally!! Lots of love.
— Jenny E. | Solvang CA
Before going to see Caitlin, I struggled with an old ankle injury that would flare up sporadically–sometimes when wearing a certain kind of shoe, sometimes while hiking, sometimes for no reason at all. During my sessions with her, she was able to work with it, achieve the next level of healing, and helped me further understand the injury itself. I had previously been in physical therapy, but in hindsight after my sessions with her, I realize the injury was deeper than the physical plane. I was amazed how the subtle work Caitlin did not only healed the injury, but with her expertise and keen intuition, she was able to give me insight into my own body. The work Caitlin does is gentle and transformative. After my sessions with her, I purchased a wellness package for my mother because I was confident Caitlin would be able to help her make progress with some traumatic past injuries.
— Lerina W. | Santa Barbara, CA