You're here because you're ready for a shift.

You're not interested in popping a pill to numb your symptoms.

You're maybe frustrated with hopping from one specialist to the next.

Perhaps your heart is yearning for more peace, tired of being stuck in the past, or scared of the future.

If it feels like you’ve tried everything, but you are still looking for a real sense of healing momentum, then our work together may be the perfect next step…. Non-invasive, personalized, conscious change from within.

Recalibrate deeply so you can live fully.

I see you as the expert on your body, and myself as collaborator.

I simply amplify your awareness of this connection to your own wisdom.

Together, we support your body to seek healing and remind it of this potential.

With patient healing hands, I will listen to your body’s story to get to the source of physical and emotional symptoms, to find the places that are stuck, and gently guide you to a place of rest and reconnection.

This is transformation through movement and stillness.

Ancient medicine meets modern understandings of neuroscience, quantum physics and birth psychology.

When working with you, I may draw on my background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture theory, herbal medicine, Reiki, Ayurveda, and holistic nutrition to inform the session, when and if it feels appropriate, and depending on your health goals and intentions.

If you're tired of feeling stressed or stuck, and want to rebalance your body in a holistic way.

If you're looking for care that is personalized and helps you to better understand your body's messages.

If you recognize that your body is an energetic system and healing is a process.

If you're looking for a deeper relationship with your body and self with ways to further cultivate calm  and transform your every day.

If you're craving further clarity and alignment with your path, then I'd love for you to connect further.

How it works:

1. If you haven't already, go ahead and schedule a consultation (if you have questions) or book a session.

2. Once you're scheduled, you'll receive a welcome email (within 24 hours) with all of the details on directions, parking, what to bring, etc.

3. I'll also send you (attached) the intake form to print out and bring with you. If you forget, no worries! We have some at the office too.

4. Read the What to Expect page to find out more about the session.

5. After an initial assessment, we will discuss how many sessions may be required to reach your goals. Packages are available, and you can upgrade from the Intro Package or credit your initial session fee into a longer package.

Ladies, make sure you put Caitlin Lyon on your "MUST WORK WITH" list- she's truly incredible. I came to her feeling emotionally heavy, not quite knowing exactly what I needed, and we dealt with whatever came up. Her intuition was *so* on point and she was incredibly gentle and genuine. She held the most amazing space for me as I worked through my stuff and left me feeling absolutely amazing! The shift in energy that I felt is indescribable. I seriously cannot recommend her enough. Caitlin- from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!
-April Julson / emotion-based life coach

Personal Coaching and Mentoring though Skype or In Person


I support students, clients, practitioners, and teachers in diving deeper into their own self exploration and development and/or in deepening their yoga and meditation practice though ongoing mentorship and coaching.

Space is limited and this work may involve extra reading and some personal reflection between sessions. If you are interested please email me with a little information about yourself and why you are seeking mentorship:

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga helps to unify the mind, body and heart allowing greater states of peace and presence in addition to bringing strength and vitality to our being. Through using physical postures, breath work, and meditation, students of all levels can receive powerful benefits from this ancient practice. I often suggest movement and meditation practices during my private work with clients and I offer private one on one or group sessions as my schedule allows.

60 min: $100     |      90 minute: $120


More Client and Student Feedback:

Gracious, unassuming, non-judgmental - Caitlin is a beautiful, soft-spoken, loving angel. I can never explain how much Caitlin has helped me! I went through some very stressful situations this past year, along with migraine headaches, body aches, breathing issues, fibromyalgia and depression. Let me just say, without Caitlin I would still be suffering. My migraines are way better; I feel healthier and happier now. She is just amazing and I truly love her dearly. I hope you make an appointment today to see her- you too will be amazed. She is my lifesaver and lifeline, and I'll continue to go to her for a long time. Probably a lifetime...I just feel great when I leave. You will love her.   - Stacey Foss  /  Santa Ynez, CA

I was just lying in bed- couldn’t sleep - not for the normal reasons, but because I’m buzzing with so much happiness and good energy. I had a session with Caitlin Lyon today. That’s all I can think could have started this. I feel like I healed a part of me. I’m all connected, aligned now. Ready to take on the world. Caitlin has a magical way. If you are in need of a healing and let’s face it- who isn’t- make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you Caitlin! 
— Lisa J. Jacobs, energy healer & coach / Orange, Connecticut


I have had the immense pleasure of experiencing several sessions with Caitlin and can highly recommend her for both her skills and intuitive nature. She has a very gifted touch as well as an innate sense of how to clear blockages and encourage positive energy flow ~ With Deep Gratitude.

— Lerin Ramsay / jewelry designer & artist / Santa Ynez


Please call or email to cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.
All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full.


Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express

*Payment is due at the time of treatment.