Many women arrive in my office after feeling like they've tried everything else.

They often have a sense of:

  • body, mind and spirit being derailed by the fast pace of life or more recent stress and life changes

  • feeling out of balance and not making the healthiest lifestyle choices

  • being overwhelmed by everything or feeling irritable and "on edge"

  • hormonal mood swings, hot flashes, or painful sex

  • having an anxious mind or poor sleep

  • painful or irregular menstrual cycles

  • chronic fatigue and headaches

  • muscular, nerve, or joint pain

Physical and emotional symptoms are the body's way of telling us that something is out of balance.

Many conditions that women have been told are a “normal” part of being a woman or that they just need to “accept” and “manage” can actually be lessened or eliminated with our work together.

I’ve helped women transform eating disorders, painful periods, anxiety and PMS, migraines they've had for decades, as well as fertility issues. I support them through all of the heartaches that can occur in life: miscarriages, relationship endings, traumatic events and injuries, and loss.

Many women comment on how much they appreciate my calm, non-judgmental approach.

If you could use some healing support, please reach out.