Caitlin, you are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful individuals that I have ever met! I am truly blessed to have found you - your kind heart, patient ears, and healing hands - during such a stressful time. I can’t believe that after just a few sessions, my neck pain, PMS, and cycles are SO much better. My cravings are barely ever there now. I’m going to miss floating on the table, but I’m excited to feel so much calmer. My sessions were heavenly. Thank you from the top of my head down to my toes. Literally!! Lots of love.

— Jenny E., Solvang, CA

Get the healing support you need to enjoy more calm, clarity, and ease.

There is a deep wisdom in the body that when nurtured, supported, and listened to will instinctively move towards health.

I primarily work with women in their teens, 20′s, 30′s, 40's, and beyond, who are stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, and struggling with an assortment of female troubles and I guide them to become more vital and immensely balanced. 

Through all stages of life, I help them to come into relationship with the healing potential of their bodies to release tensions, traumas and pains – both physical and emotional. You may be experiencing family difficulties, grief, more stress than usual, anxiety, depression, hormone and digestive issues, low self-esteem, destructive thought patterns, chronic illness and pain, a deep dissatisfaction with life, or a nagging feeling that something is missing. Craniosacral therapy is the primary tool I use because it is the safest and most effective way to work with the source of pain and dysfunction – not just the symptoms.

I'll guide you in connecting to your healing rhythms and learning the skills needed to establish balanced lifestyle choices and the right mindset so you can lead a deeply nourished life- with calm, clarity, and ease.

What a labor of love! Thank you so much. You are the sweetest, and now I feel that I can send my daughter off to college without being a complete wreck. So grateful.
— Jean, mother of 2, Santa Barbara, CA

In your session, you will:

experience biodynamic craniosacral work that gently invites the body to free itself of both superficial and deep rooted patterns to unravel layers of stress, strain, adhesions, and congestion in your organs and tissues to heal emotional imbalances, body pains, and fatigue so you can experience more mental clarity, ease, and comfort in your body

learn about the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your current situation 

delve more into the basics of self-care and how to nourish your body in order to harmonize your current imbalances

learn about how to use self-treatments to shift into a parasympathetic state to induce self-healing

You'll receive:

  • 60-minute craniosacral session with time to integrate the shifts and create an action plan for your next best steps

  • 30 minute follow-up to answer any questions and learn how to continue to heal imbalances in your body in between sessions no matter how busy you are. It’s all in simplicity and creating consistency.

  • Personalized recommendations for nutritional remedies, self-care practices, simple lifestyle shifts, and resources to augment our work together

Investment: $150

Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"Working with Caitlin was mind blowing. She's extremely powerful, radiant, and compassionate. I had some complicated issues I presented to her for healing. The combination of her compassion, incredible healing gift, expansive knowledge and absolute professionalism was incredibly powerful. I felt completely safe yet, it was a pretty intense healing session. Nothing wimpy about this work. And I walked away with wonderful suggestions on how I can continue improving my health. I unequivocally recommend Caitlin for any healing you might be seeking.” 

Mary Ann Johnstone, Santa Barbara, CA


Working with Caitlin is calm, positive, activating. Before my session I was in a very busy time, travelling California, coming from London. My head was in a lot of pain and was getting in the way of me enjoying my trip. Caitlin was so lovely and kind, and throughout the session I felt calmness and at ease- which was amazing as I had been very stressed beforehand!! I went into a meditation-like state and came out of it instantly feeling lighter, over the next few days my head cleared up and continued to be pain free for the rest of my holiday!  I think the best part was being able to receive healing that I felt work continuously after the treatment but also to feel a complete blissful calmness during the treatment as well.

Email from Ella days after her session: My head has been great since seeing you! I think it was just what I needed to kickstart something inside of me. I've only had to take my pain killers once, and haven't even noticed any pain whatsoever the last few days which is fantastic!
I really enjoyed my session, and I can't thank you enough for your work! I'd be back again if I lived here! Thank you!

Ella Henry, university student, London, UK

Healing + Holistic Life Mentoring Programs

Step into Health :: A 6-week Series to Jump-Start Your Healing

If you haven't worked with me before, or are unsure about what a mentoring program experience would be, this 6-week introduction might be for you. You will really see the full value of craniosacral work when you commit yourself to at least 5 weekly sessions. This will bring you into a closer relationship with your body and you will start releasing any held patterns of trauma and stress in your nervous system so that you can begin rewriting your current state of health. For some people five sessions are all they need. Others with complex health histories choose to go deeper and continue treatment. By the end of five sessions something will change. It's an opportunity to receive consistent healing and delve into the basics of self-care.

This series if for you if:

You're ready to slow down and discover how to truly care for your body.

You're feeling depleted or dealing with chronic imbalances and you want to be given the tools to help your body heal. 

You want to optimize your wellbeing and know exactly what to do to feel more balanced.

During your 6-week series, you will:

understand what the causes of your current state of stress and anxiety are so you can choose more resourceful ways of managing your life 

learn how to move into the parasympathetic state so you can induce self-healing

address the underlying causes that have led to your present state of health so you can learn to take control of your mental, emotional and physical health and start living life they way you desire.

learn how to integrate the right self-care strategies so overwhelm and exhaustion become a thing of the past

receive craniosacral treatments to unravel layers of stress and come back to your vibrant sense of health and ease

These sessions will introduce you to how you can implement the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional self-care needed to: 

  • Learn the skills you need to enjoy a calmer mind and more stress-free existence
  • Heal and release built up emotions, body pains, and stress from trauma to feel more grounded in who you are
  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and fatigue to discover feeling more present, clear, and compassionate with yourself
  • Recover after surgery, giving birth, or illness so you can stay connected to your body's potential for healing

You'll receive:

Discovery Session

Welcome Kit and True Health Assessment

6 75-minute Sessions (customized healing + coaching)

Hands-on healing sessions in Santa Barbara or Solvang, CA

Investment: $1500 or 2 payments of $775

Commit to your self-care so you can consistently experience the benefits of investing in your well-being.

Start today with a discovery session.