Stress is upsetting our hormones on an epic scale.

I'm on a mission to help young women understand their bodies on a much deeper level. You may be here for your daughter or yourself.
Either way, I'm thrilled!

What are some of the challenges that young women deal with when they don't know how to care for their bodies?

  • Feeling incredibly grumpy and frumpy the week before their period
  • Painful joints and body aches, TMJ, and emotional mood swings
  • Dealing with PMS cravings and constant discomfort or irritation before and during their period
  • Troubled by lack of energy, feeling depressed and anxious for no good reason
  • Plagued by acne, headaches, and painful cramps, heavy and irregular periods
  • Thinking that the Pill is the only way to their mange their symptoms 

And all of this can be easily remedied with hands-on craniosacral therapy, nutrition, and self-care strategies.

It's essential that young women have the tools to manages stress and know who to deal with emotional pressures and fast-paced living.

When young women work with me, they receive:

a compassionate and neutral space to be heard and supported with craniosacral treatments
specific techniques to assist in managing and overcoming stress 
help in understanding stress and its influence on their bodies
quick easy solutions to add to the tool kit of foods, self-care, movement, and meditation

Sessions are $125.
Monthly membership is $400 and includes weekly sessions with email access.
You can also learn more about the fully customized package here. 

It’s my mission to educate and empower women like you, so you can get super savvy about your body and take control of your hormone health. For life.

What many women don't realize is that the thyroid issues, fertility issues, menopausal discomfort, and depression that happen later in life are often due to simply not knowing how to eat and care for ourselves earlier in life.

I want to help you drop the stress, the confusion and the endless disappointment, and give your body the love and attention it deserves.

Balance your hormones, balance your life.