This 4-month signature system goes layer by layer in revealing your inner radiance and guiding you through new ways to naturally take care of your feminine well-being.



Regenerate Your Health Transformation

Throughout this journey, you will be inspired with fresh, fun, and practical healing wisdom that will harmonize your hormonal health and bless your beauty.

a unique holistic system of healing based on the interaction of body, mind and spirit.

Discover new confidence and comfort in your body as you...

Address skin issues: cellulite, acne, wrinkles, age spots, dryness

Resolve aches and pains: shoulder, neck, back, and knee pain

Discover your ideal body weight: nourish, cleanse, heal the gut, crave the good-for-you foods

Transform your hormonal health: headaches, low energy and fatigue, painful periods

Find more peace: address stress, emotional energy drains, limited ways of thinking, and sensitivities in life with powerful mind-body healing techniques

We'll focus on the right foods, herbs, plant remedies, and lifestyle practices to help with:

  • healthy digestion
  • energy and stamina
  • eliminating aches and pains
  • re-aligning with your deepest inspiration
  • relaxing more and discovering your sense of peace
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Learn the simple and elegant steps to illuminate and invigorate your whole-body health and beauty.

You'll receive:

  1. 11 Healing Sessions
  2. Welcome Kit
  3. Evaluation/Consultation
  4. Easy On-line Scheduling
  5. Natural Healing Tips for Home
  6. Follow-up Phone Check-ins
  7. Simple Beauty Rituals
  8. Radiant Lifestyle Tips
  9. Yoga Poses between Sessions


  • Select the right herbs to treat common ailments of each system and know how to administer them
  • Prepare infusions, decoctions, creams, lotions, ointments, glycerites and tinctures

This course is for people with an interest in knowing more about how to feel confident in using food and plants as medicine. This includes newbies, students of the healing arts and those looking to deepen their understanding of medicinal plants, for gardeners wanting to deepen their connection to the plants they know and love, and for anyone interested in sustainably using the natural resources around them for supporting their health.

Special Bonuses:

Customized Aromatherapy Blend  ($55 value) - an intuitive choice created for your needs (including skin, emotions, and more physical issues)

Meditation Elixir ($75 value)

Your Cleanse Compass ($250 value)

Your Beauty Notes: The Herbal Secrets for Your Skin ($150 value)

Divine Decluttering: empowering insight for simplifying your skin-care and beauty routine ($95 value)