Lyon Wellness

Your Liberated Body. Your Liberated Life.


There are many paths to freedom.

And that’s a beautiful, wondrous (slightly overwhelming) thing.


Because it means that even if you’ve tried lots of things - even if you thought yoga or chiropractic or acupuncture or nutrition or EFT/tapping or hours of therapy should’ve done the trick, I know you’re still not at the end of the road to seeing the whole picture.


Even if you’ve been struggling with fatigue or chronic pain, even if trauma has ruled your life for way too long, even if specialists have told you “that’s just the way it is so get used to it,” even if your mind is running at constant speed and you can’t seem to hit pause, I won’t let you say, “it’s hopeless.”


Nope. Not on my watch.


If you’ve been ignoring the messages of your body or thinking that you can’t afford to focus on this right now, I have one question:


How much has not feeling comfortable in your skin cost you in terms of happiness, fulfillment, success, relationships, and being able to pursue the things you love?


Your body is your portal into the present.

Into knowing your magnificent presence and its dynamic field of energy.

Into grounding your vision into reality.


And it can mean the difference between you seeing life as an abundant thing of beauty or a shitty prison of despair.


Together, we’re about to light up your world.

I’m Caitlin and my business is to help you more happily inhabit your body.


I’m a teacher, intuitive healer, and mentor to yoga teachers and fellow holistic mind-body practitioners and movement educators.


I’ve been in the “make bodies feel better” fields for over a decade now. And never have been more excited about our potential to heal and thrive.


My hands and heart listen to your body and help you tune in at a much deeper level within so you can prosper more fully in every area of your life.


Because that’s how you discover true happiness - by fully embracing all of who you are and feeling complete interconnectedness with life - body, mind, and spirit.


Need more energy and clarity to move forward?

Sick and tired of feeling hurt or closed off?

Want more calm and love to rule your life?

Ready to know how to feel more centered, connected, and confident?


I’m your girl.


All you really need to know is this:


You have a body of wisdom that can bring more ease, pleasure, and grace into your daily life.

I ignite it. Together, we nurture it. And make it real.