Mentoring and Wellness Treatments for Girls, Ages 12 to 25.

Recent surveys show over and over again that teens are the MOST stressed out amongst us.

Heavy homework loads, social pressures, too much stimulation through technology, family burdens, feeling overwhelmed by options, fears about the future, financial strain on the family, and relationship concerns have all been cited as sources of stress... compounded with hormonal fluctuations and fast-paced scheduled lives put a toll on young people.

And it carries through into life after college. This is a critical time to have supportive and empowering systems in place.

I see my role as helping young women recognize that their confidence and beauty are not tied to external experiences and outcomes, but instead, in how they connect to themselves and take care of their bodies.

If they have this knowledge and wisdom, they can get through anything.

As girls reach into early adult years, poor coping mechanisms are treated as mental issues (to be treated with medications) instead of viewed as imbalances. Many times, simply addressing blood sugar, endocrine issues, PMS, and offering more stress relief can have innumerable benefits to mood and overall wellbeing.

The fact is we don't know what college they will get into, what jobs will be available, what pressures and people will come their way, but we can help them be better stewards of their self-care, more empowered and inspired to be compassionate models, and resilient in how they see themselves.

This program entails craniosacral-based treatment with mentoring.

In session, we may cover:

  • meditation and reflective journaling
  • dream designing and goal planning
  • yoga and breathing
  • time management
  • whole foods nutrition and the truth about fats, food combining, the right foods to have on hand
  • my "pearls of wisdom" when it comes to daily self-care routines

Tools for learning:

  • how to deal with overwhelm and decision making
  • how to balance blood sugar and avoid highs and lows
  • how to keep oneself calm and in touch with what's needed in the moment
  • how to voice one's needs and avoid reactivity
  • how to use natural beauty treatments (non-toxic and affordable options) that don't cause hormonal havoc
  • how to make simple, nourishing meals with recipes that they can have as go-tos for years to come

These sessions can help:

  • improve sleep
  • balance emotions and hormonal issues
  • treat skin and digestive issues naturally
  • alleviate headaches and sports-related injuries
  • counteract fatigue and stress

Wellness Session

Investment:   $75

Young adults (19-25):   $55

Wellness Package

Investment:    $100/month

How it works:

This includes a one-hour session at the Solvang office with 30 minute follow-up via phone or Skype for mentoring + email support as needed.

Each additional session is only $55 whenever she needs to come in.

House visits are affordable, and depending on where you live, may be the same rate. Please inquire.

Want to make it a group event for your daughter and her friends? Email me. I've led multiple workshops for girls that include certain topics, cooking lessons, creative outlets and fun, group yoga too!