How to prepare for your first session

▪   On the day of your appointment, be sure to wear comfortable clothing that is loose and easy to access, especially at the neck. You will be lying down on a massage table for about 60 minutes, so wear your favorite sweats, PJs or yoga clothes.

▪   It’s important to eat a good meal before your appointment. We receive energy from our food. And when receiving a healing session, you're moving your energy. So, as we say in the biz, “It takes energy to move energy.” Go ahead and eat (at the very least a little snack).

▪   If you’re coming to the Santa Barbara office, we’re located at 510 State Street, Suite 202. Parking is located at the lot between Cota and Hayley, near the Paul Mitchell school. The building entrance is right past the Cold Stone Creamery sign on State Street. Head up to the second floor. Turn right and down the hall to find our suite. If you're coming to the Solvang office, we're located inside the Atterdag Center at 1607 Mission Street, on the corner of Atterdag and Mission. There is ample parking in the lot behind. Look for the double doors from the parking lot and turn left just past the elevator to find our waiting room.

What to expect during your treatment

•   First we will sit and talk for 10-20 minutes or so, as needed, where I will ask you about your main complaint and intentions, health history, diet, exercise, digestion, sleep, and menstrual cycle (when pertinent) among other things.

•   Next, you will lie down on the massage table where I will make you comfy with pillows and blankets.

•   Then you will listen to soothing music or enjoy silence while I work with your body through gentle touch. And to answer perhaps a burning question: No, this healing work does not hurt. If anything feels uncomfortable, please let me know! Sometimes, when tension or stored trauma is releasing, you may experience a slightly uncomfortable sensation at first — like a pulling, buzzing, or light aching — but it quickly dissipates and the overall feeling is complete and total relaxation. Most clients fall asleep during their session or go into more of a meditative state. And don’t worry about snoring, I take it as a compliment. ;) These sessions can often feel like being back in the womb... Restorative, quiet, and soothing.

•   After resting and when your session feels complete, you will take your time getting up, getting your shoes on, and coming back to planet earth.

•   Afterwards, we will discuss what was felt as well as any body awareness or lifestyle recommendations; I may suggest options, take payment and schedule your next appointment if requested. I will also email you with any additional information from your session.

•   Then you will float out to your car quite possibly feeling the best you have felt in a very long time.

What to expect after your treatment

  • After your treatment, you may feel more emotional or quiet than usual. This is normal. We all store emotions in our body — which many times causes the pain or ailment from which we are suffering — so, whenever you have body work done (like craniosacral therapy) it can release these blockages, these stuck emotions. It’s a good idea to express them and let them go. Journaling is a great way to purge old emotions. Write them down and dispose of it. (Or recycle it.)
  • You may also experience a brief time period — a day or so — where your symptoms get a little worse before they go away completely or improve greatly. This is also normal, but more rare.

  • Another common experience after a treatment is the feeling of extreme relaxation and inner peace or euphoria. Make sure to schedule time after your appointment to rest and enjoy the after-effects.

Please note:

  • I do not take insurance payments, nor do I offer medical billing.  
  • House visits are available upon request.
  • Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.
  • Details and directions given upon booking.
  • In honor of our time together and with respect to other clients looking to book sessions, a 24-Hour Cancellation notice is required or payment must be made in full.